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A honeymoon is a unique, intimate and personal experience that leaves deep and indelible memories. A true honeymoon shouldn’t be the usual packaged solution, but should always be tailor-made to the needs of the spouses: whether long or short, adventurous or relaxing, in Italy or abroad, it should always respond to their needs and, if possible, satisfy an important desire.
Our honeymoons are therefore always planned together with the bride and groom and take into account their desires, needs, possibilities, passions and curiosities. Quite often, hidden within the programme are small surprises for him or her, planned and prepared with the loving complicity of the partner, like little gems of affection set within the shared dream.
Participating in the gift of a honeymoon is to share in the creation of this dream: it is a generous and enlightened gesture that contributes to a unique experience and an enduring memory, destined to grow in value over time.
To participate in one of our wedding lists, simply click on the “Contact us to make your contribution” button and fill in the form: you will promptly receive information on how to make your contribution and give your friends something unique, which will always remain with them.

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The travel proposals you find out here are only our ideas. If you just want something different, or if you have special needs or also if you would like to change and modify one of our proposals you have only to ASK!

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