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"The Scarzuola" and the area around Orvieto

Weekend (3days/2nights)

"... The Scarzuola, when someone observes that the new part, created by me, is not" Franciscan, "I say, of course, because it represents the world in general and in particular my world - one where I had the fated to live and work - Art, Culture, Worldliness, Elegance, of Pleasures
(Also Vices, Wealth, and Powers, etc..) But where I made room for
oasis of meditation, study, work, music and silence, sizes and Poverty, social life and a hermetic life of solitary contemplation, the realm of fantasy, of Fables, Legends, Echoes and Reflections out of time and space because everyone we can find echoes of the past and notes much of the future ... "
Tommaso Buzzi
Franciscan monastery founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1218, who planted a clump of laurel and roses and made a spring water source. Montegiove rises in the town of Montegabbione (TR). Owes its name to a marsh plant, the scarza, the Saint used to build a hut. The apse of the church contains a fresco of the first half of the thirteenth century depicting St. Francis in levitation. In 1956 the monastery was bought and restored by the Milanese architect Tommaso Buzzi (1900-1981), who designed and built between 1958 and 1978 next to the monastery his ideal city, conceived as a "theatrical machine". The city Buzziana, which comprises a total of 7 theaters, culminating on the Acropolis: a mountain of buildings constructed from a large series of archetypes, empty inside, and with many compartments as in a termite mound, revealing multiple perspectives . One type of relationship is established between the initiation convent (holy city) and the factories of the theater (city profane), laden with symbols and secrets, references and citations. Inspired all'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of Francesco Colonna (1499), the style that best interprets his lincenza neomanierismo is that he identifies: the use of scales in all directions, the deliberate disproportion of parts, some monsters, bundling of buildings, monuments, arriving at surrealism, something labyrinthine, evocative, the geometric, astronomical, magical.
And ... for your stay .....
Arriving in this beautiful town will experience the feeling of being in a place where calm and peace come together with nature. The houses of the '500 that make up the Village have been carefully restored recreating a warm and romantic atmosphere. The estate of 300 acres made up of woods and meadows, streams and rivulets that form a small lake there are herds of cattle and the famous Chianina Cinta Senese pigs, the farm with crops and fruit orchards, fallow deer and wild boars live total freedom in the private reserve. The village is now an elegant country estate, its simplicity and its environment is something that infuses much sought warmth and harmony. Everything here is helping turn your stay into a unique and unforgettable environment maintained and refined, quiet atmosphere, elegant and quiet.
The estate is located a lovely Etruscan cave where, in a fun and unusual setting in front of the crackling fire can taste our delicious cold cuts and cheese, make a shoe with freshly baked bread with extra virgin olive oil of exceptional goodness with a glass (even two) of our Orvieto wine. Outside on a clear spendila heated by a sunset barbecue cooks the meat from Chianina creating tasty evenings. And do not forget the Beauty Farm an ideal place to spend time in total welfare between bio sauna, turkish bath, experience showers, ice room and hot tub and then relax with a herbal tea made from herbs on our chaise lounge in front of the window that overlooking the valley. And finally, a restaurant where the cuisine truly reflects the philosophy of the village, all the products are coming from the farm at 0 km below the property.
The cooks produce breads, buns and pastries, pastas are all handmade and farm animals that make up the offer from the main dishes are cooked according to ancient recipes of the countryside of Orvieto.

Price per person [duration]
The stay includes:
2 nights in a suite or relay according to availability.
Cocktails served in your room upon arrival: a bottle of Italian sparkling wine and nibbles with flowers
2 breakfasts served in your room
2 dinners served by candlelight in the garden according to season.
(Including practice management costs)

from € 230

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