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A mystical journey into the city of Siena.

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In Siena is almost a must-visit places that have witnessed one of the most intense and mysterious woman, Caterina Benincasa, became the patron saint of Italy in 1939, and named a Doctor of the Church in 1970 by Pope Paul VI. Since 1999 he also became Patron of Europe by Pope John Paul II. But why was it so special, Catherine of Siena?
He was born in 1347 in a house in the neighborhood craftsman Fontebranda on which over time has implanted a Sanctuary, run by her attendants and followers of the Third Order Dominican .... [] Near his home, Catherine was the church of San Domenico and since young she felt drawn to the visceral love for Jesus Christ.
And 'this a very attractive location, because-the birthplace of Saint-down towards the ridge, from which one sees the back of the Basilica of San Domenico and reach Fonte Branda, where the father of Catherine drew water to prepare colors for dyeing cloth. Of this source was mentioned by at least 1081 and in 1246 assumed the present form, with three large crenellated ogival arches that give great insight into the architectural impact of a medieval city. It 'a mysterious place, where the water changes color completely unique, and ribbed vaults are reflected, giving the impression of extending their bows in it. Ravines, doorways, seem to belong to an enchanted place. Catherine, as a child, she must have felt very attracted by the charm emanating from this source, he knew inside out. She was used to take the path that led to Vallepiatta, where his sister lived, and it was on this same path that took one day, the first 'vision'. The Holy girl, looking up, saw the face in the air above the roof of the church of the Friars Preachers (San Domenico), a beautiful throne, adorned with royal magnificence. Above, seated like an emperor, clad in pontifical robes and the tiara on his head, that is, the monarchical and papal miter, there sat the Lord Jesus Christ savior of mondo.Erano with him Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Paul and Saint John the Evangelist " .
From Vallepiatta arrived in Piazza Duomo, where he went in to pray and in the adjacent Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala he would tirelessly to assist the sick and pilgrims, for hours, leaning with a stick (he was still young) and stopping to sleep when the time it was made too late to return home. But most chose to sit in the underground caverns of the Hospital, including stairs, vaults, cellars, dark corridors. You can still visit a narrow cell, where there is a statue of the Holy dormant. The Oratory of Saint Catherine of the Night is one of the prettiest spots related to the cult of St Catherine.
The life and works of St. Catherine, while concrete and tangible as his writings, his speeches with men of every class, witnessed by those who knew her closely as his disciples, introduce us to the other world mystery of the supernatural, unexplained phenomena such as invisible stigmata, visions, dialogues with Christ, the mystical ecstasy. The unique aspect of the female figures, which are becoming more numerous in the twelfth century, who feel the mystical religious imperative as a 'call' is that still choose to live outside the monastery.
Catherine does not choose the enclosure, where his exceptional experience could be kept in the dark from prying eyes and mouths, but lives in the light of the sun. A dangerous phenomenon, if you will, for the church and for the same woman (the accusation of magic / witchcraft or heresy was always lurking ...) but that was dammed by linking it to a state of 'perfection' Christed Love, and fully understood only by one who lived it.

Author Marisa Uberti

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