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  • Duomo
  • la città sotterranea
  • la città sotterranea
  • la città sotterranea
  • la città sotterranea
  • Pozzo

Travelling is like a dream: the difference is that not all wake up, remember something, while each retains warm memories of the goal to which he returned.
Edgar Allan Poe
The underground city
Once upon a time ... a city. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, is actually the beginning of a story, just like an old fairy tale, tells an adventure almost unbelievable: the discovery of a city beneath a city.
The city is Orvieto, which already seems to see her exit from the drawings of a book of fairy tales, it is perched on a high vertical cliff that peripheral isolate from the rest of the world. A cliff that although support for three thousand years the city, is still proving very awkward while fulfilling a task of so much luster: collapses, landslides, slips, several tremors have always put the people under suspicion. Blame the fragility of the rocks that compose it: tuffs and pozzolana. Extremely brittle material that can almost scrape with your fingernail. But, precisely for this reason, materials in which it is easy to dig, drill, open a cave ... two ... hundred ... thousand.
The story of the adventure of some cavers, in the small town of Orvieto, just inside the big cliff so prone to instability, have found an incredible underground world that had been excavated, used and then forgotten: a dark maze divided into more than 1200 caves, tunnels, wells, reservoirs, manmade, after pickaxe pickaxe, in nearly three millennia of persistent and continuous work.
The Pozzo della Cava and its Caves
A fascinating journey in the medieval quarter of Orvieto underground through caves rich in archeological finds recently unearthed after centuries of silence.
The singularity of the whole structure is to accommodate the large number of archaeological Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance alongside each other, almost crammed into the caves that build the guided tour of the pit, with centuries of history in a Straddle succession of uses and reuses the same environments.
The Well of St. Patrick
The Pozzo di San Patrizio, a circular section, is nearly 62 meters deep and wide about 13.40 meters. Two diametrically opposite doors give access to two spiral staircases, one for the descent and the other for the lift, designed so as to be independent and not communicating with each other. Each staircase has 248 steps in the past allowed the beasts of burden to easily reach the bottom, where it is placed a wooden bridge above the water level. When you finish filling it crossed the bridge and then up the other side without getting in the way to others engaged in the descent. The Well is lit by 70 windows from which you can look out and see its depth.
... In a city so charming that we can not advise you as a place to stay B & B just as fascinating!

The Country Resort is located in an ancient village in a panoramic position overlooking the woods and hills, pristine difornte Orvieto. The resort is situated at the foot of a large volcanic outcrop of volcanic origin, which dominates the whole panorama of Orvieto with the "Golden Lily of Cathedrals" at about 6 km away. The village has a few families, residents, and a small and humble church that was completely rebuilt in the early '900 and consecrated some years later, where every Sunday is celebrated the Mass in a very specific context, framed by woods and hills a great scene to say the least. The resort offers 2 apartments and 10 rooms furnished with a combination of distinctive design and style to offer guests a fascinating experience in a natural environment rich in storia.Le rooms are equipped with every comfort to offer its customers a stay full of quiet rest and warmth, while breakfast is served in giving goodness and refinement. And 'possible to request one or more beds to accommodate children and pets.

Price per person [term] with bed and breakfast in double room

from € 130

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