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There is only one word to define it: Magic!
Marrakech, the capital of the south is' something mysterious and alluring Marrakech, a name that charms and magical sound evokes palm groves .... caravans .... Eastern markets.
The famous square Jama'a el-Fna is definitely not the same ................. develops in the old city and is considered the nerve center of Marrakech. The appearance of the square changes during the day: morning and afternoon is home to a large outdoor market with stalls selling various goods (from fabrics with dates, to orange juice, eggs of ostrich etc. ) and "professionals" dedicated to the kinds of activities: the decoration with henna, the dentist, musicians, snake charmers etc.. Towards evening the stalls retire and take over banquet tables and benches to eat freshly prepared food and, later, coming musicians and storytellers. The center of the medina, is dominated by the mosque Kutubiyya. and much more flashy namesake minaret: nearly seventy feet high, is the minaret of the three oldest Almohad towers that we have received, along with the Giralda in Seville and the Hassan Tower in Rabat. The architecture is traditional Moroccan Almohad period: with decorations and ornaments of earthenware, white and blue and turquoise arabesques carved on the four different sides.
The city of Marrakech is full of hotels but the best way to enjoy and live it fully is to stay in a Riad, a traditional residence situated in the Medina (old town).
The Riad that we offer for your stay is at the center of the Souks of the Medina of Marrakech, located in Mouassine one of the oldest neighborhood and about 4 minutes Jema'a el-Fna Square.
Just past the entrance to an overwhelming feeling will savor the beauty of every corner of this ancient house. Opened after years of restoration is ready to accommodate you in best possible way.
The pyramid structure that covers the whole of Riyadh by a sense of strength as well as appeal to the entire structure enclosed on three floors.
In the ground floor are two large lounges welcome you and your friends, relax will not be a problem. In the center a beautiful fountain will accompany your daily relaxation.
On the first floor you will find comfortable and fully equipped bedrooms, with private bathroom and climattizzatore.
The second floor will welcome the wide terrace / solarium where you can spend your afternoons in the name of the strictest confidence and comfort. You can observe, thanks to a loft panoramic, beautiful views over the city and the main monuments: the Koutoubia tower, the palace Dar El Bacha and mountains of the Atlantic.
And .... do not forget ... all marked by kindness and courtesy of our Italian friends abroad.
Flight operations:
Bologna by starting Thursday - back on Sunday
from Milan (Bergamo) starting Wednesday - Saturday return
from Rome on Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Sunday (minimum stay 4 nights)
The cost of the flight is not included in the price - variable and subject to the dates and departure airport

Price for two people [time] in a double room with bed and breakfast

from [price] - (flight not included)

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