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Two weeks (15days/14nights)

Milan’s Expo to be held from 1 May to 31 October 2015 will be an opportunity for millions of visitors coming to Italy to discover its scenic, cultural and gastronomic marvels.
Hence the idea of creating an actual football World Championship between teams of amateurs, to include exhibitors, tourists, traders, families, which coming in Italy with wives, children and friends, can in a couple of weeks visit the Expo, explore the Belpaese and, particularly in the Region of Emilia Romagna, get to know the city, experience the culture of our land, but also compete in what is certainly the sport that unites many countries around the world.

Thanks to an extensive organisation, the tournament involves the participation of 32 teams which, from 28 June to 12 July 2015, will compete in matches that will take place on various pitches of Emilia Romagna.

Our programme includes three tourist packages:

  1. Player package: the player package is intended for the great football fans. n. 32 participating countries.
    Participants will be able to represent their country competing in matches held in real stadiums and aspire to become the Champions of the EXPO WORLD CUP 2015. The package includes 14 nights in addition to the matches and various excursions and tours: city of art, wine and food tours, musical performances and excellences of our region.
  2. Coach package: the coach package is open to all those who have always dreamed of leading a football team. There are 32 packets, one for each country, and it includes the same as the player package. The coach, however, has the duty and honour of organising the team, deciding the roles of the players and becoming the referent of the team in relation to the organisation and the media (interviews, etc.)
  3. Family & friends package (adult and child): the supporters package is intended for families and friends of participants.
    The programme includes, in addition to all the visits and excursions included in the player/coach programme, also other activities, such as cooking classes, spa and cycling trips. Supporters will also attend the presentation of the tournament and the Final with the awards.

For player and coach packages, the organisation shall provide all the sports apparel (except footwear) personalised with the colours of each country.

A unique travel experience to explore intensely the great Italian excellences: Football, Culture, Food and Drink, and Fashion!!


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