Your travel taylor for Italian holidays

Who we are

First and foremost we are people. Just like you. People who want to see and explore new places, traditions, beauty spots and curiosities.

We are hunters both in Italy and worldwide, we love sniffing out lesser known places, poking our noses into corners generally ignored by mass tourism, discovering incredible places to explore and sojourn in.

We do not consider ourselves as being “tour operators”, and we do not consider you as mere “clients”. We like to think of you as real people. We aim to find you the perfect holiday; one which takes your specific desires, needs and small (and not-so-small) problems into consideration.

We like to think of ourselves as being your friends – with a bit of insider knowledge – ready to give you good advice, to have fun with you in designing the perfect solution for your holiday, or to create a tailor-made programme. A friend you can turn to for help in sorting out those little problems.

We’re not here to offer you a standard package holiday, identical to all the others: what we want is to give you valuable suggestions.

In the course of our investigations we have not only seen spectacular places, but also numerous hotels, run by kind and passionate people. The most interesting ones are often the smallest, more characteristic, and less well-known; those which hardly ever get a mention in the “industrial tourism” circuit and which you are unlikely to find in a travel agent’s brochure. You will find them, however, in our proposals. Obviously we too have come across the occasional house of horror or lout: but don’t worry, you won’t find them among our proposals… Just like you, we tell them where to go.

Our tours and offers incorporate places that we have visited personally, which filled us with emotion and passion. Our tours have been structured in the way that seemed most functional to us. But what seems best to us, might not be the best solution for you: our offers are not, therefore, simply packages… they are merely “our proposals” for a tour or holiday.

You can decide to try them and experience them just as we have structured them… or you can ask us to modify them, turn them inside out like socks or alter them to fit your expectations, creating your very own travel itinerary. We will just give you a hand to do it in the best way possible, and obviously, keep you out of trouble.

Whatever your profile or your expectations, our aim in life is the same: to be your expert friends; to tailor-make your holiday, your experience, your programme; to be your travel companions.

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