Your travel taylor for Italian holidays

Whom we are addressing

Our service is aimed at inquisitive people who are after something a bit different that truly meets all their requirements; at those who find themselves in difficulty in a traditional travel agency because their particular and unique expectations contrast with the need to “make-up numbers” and standardize proposals which is so typical of the major tour operators; at those who don’t want to subscribe to the usual offers because they don’t want to find their individuality trapped in the usual inflexible and unrefined box which has been pre-packaged by the mass tourism industry; at those who don’t have the time or knowledge to organize their own trip and who prefer to turn to a sincere, trustworthy and qualified friend.

For all these people, we have hundreds of ideas: out-of-the-ordinary tours for lovers of cities of art, mystery, tradition, good food and gastronomic culture; holidays beside lakes, in the mountains or on the beach; trips for those in search of a sensational experience based on adventure or sport; proposals for romantic breaks; but also for those people whose aim is to simply enjoy a spiritual get-away or a short break to recoup health and wellbeing; for those who want to immerge themselves in nature or the tranquillity of the countryside.

We can also help those who , for whatever reason, encounter difficulties in organizing the perfect holiday or tour: the disabled, senior citizens, people suffering from health conditions or food intolerances. We can also help vegetarians, or those who don’t want to leave their pets at home. Our proposals are specifically studied to allow them to move around without the stress of having to check, day after day, that the conditions offered really are in-line with their needs.

We can help families and people travelling with children, with specially planned holidays to meet their needs. We can help schools to organize trips, educational itineraries or study holidays, or simply just to let children and adolescents enjoy a inimitable experience.

We can help those people who have dreams and expectations, but with a limited budget, who find it difficult to find solutions in traditional travel agencies. We guarantee that they will be met with respect and attention they deserve. We will help them put together the best trip possible - within the limits of their budget.

And finally we can help all those who have a predicament, an expectation, a dream or an idea that they are having trouble in realizing: we are inquisitive people, we love hearing about your needs and your dreams…and we love investigating until we discover that previously hidden solution! If you contact us with a specific idea or request we will become your bloodhounds, we will start hunting for the perfect solution; it is out there waiting to be discovered. Many of our tours started out like this; from an idea or a “particular” request from one of you.

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