Your travel taylor for Italian holidays

Whom we are not addressing

We are not the right interlocutor for anyone looking for a standard “ready-to-serve ” package, which is identical to thousands of others, or a last-minute deal. Nor can we help those who love plastic villages that offer “amusements and aperitifs” where everything is phony and affected, for those who love to make “pit stops”.

We cannot help people who are in a hurry, who are superficial and arrogant, nor those who do not show the due respect for places, nature and people. Do not ask us to organize hunts or any other activity that involves the exploitation of animals or which is incompatible with respect for nature. Nor will we help you devastate meadows and forests with motorbikes or SUVs.

While it is true that we offer “tailor-made” holidays for “particular needs”, we don’t want any misunderstandings: we have strong moral principles and we have nothing to offer for those looking for violent, immoral or ethically unacceptable entertainment. So, if you are looking for someone to help you organize a holiday based on sexual tourism (especially if it involves children) don’t bother calling us. Not only will we be forced to tell you what we think of you, but we will also report you to the Authorities. And please don’t ask to give you directions to certain “houses”.

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